Friday, January 13, 2017

Website Basics 2017: What you need to know to take a new Domain & hosting?

Website Basics 2017: What you need to know to take a new Domain & hosting?
Personal Web site or in any kind of organization is required to open a domain name first. The web space is needed to host domain. There are many organizations around the world who offer domain and hosting services. The domain and hosting, knowing well that some things, like this from an organization like recommended. If you do not have to face the difficulties of all kinds. So if you understand a little better about the following and do not suffer any disturbance.

What will be the domain name
Many of you may think that means fewer-(Dot com).  I will always give priority to the dot com. It is easily the spelling should be ensured. The reader puzzled by the bizarre choice of a domain name is absolutely foolish. Small business will be to try to keep as much as possible. However, the talks should be the first domain name does not match that of any other website.

Make a list before buying a number of domain registrars. Contact them. Ask them what they provide domain Full Control? You do not buy diamonds without control.

Think about the cost of the domain. Some are offering domain for 3-4 dollar. Avoid them Because (ICANN) domain name regulatory organizations. Their fee is 18 cents, and is registered in the .com and .net VeriSign. The price above Rs 500. More likely to be cheated after buying cheaply domain. For example, at the time of renewal may demand more money from you. Or the site may be popular hijacked the domain. Select the domain and the domain host to be bought. What will not work with the hosting domain. So what issues to think about before selecting the hosting providers do not know what will.

Everyone has an estimated budget of which he is hosting purchase. At the same time if you buy good quality and low money market to explore. Your budget must be realistic. One thing to keep in mind, such as money to pay to get service.  You will not find as hen egg prices also applies to hosting. The price of $ 150-500 per month for a dedicated server, so if you have 50 GB of space on two dollars a month to downtime, slow loading sites have to endure these things. So think before you buy the issue. Keep in mind these three words chop.

Disk Space
You have to worry about space. How much space is needed for your website to calculate. If you have a personal web site that you want to be just a few pages, then 50 MB spesai enough. If you are thinking in a blog-type website 200,500 spesai MB enough. And if you think pictures, music, videos, then you should have to pay attention to the large web space.

 Many  people can be seen hosting 100 MB is enough to buy the site, but had to host the 1-50 GB. But 100 MB seems that the use of money every year. So do not pay extra for unnecessary space with the smallest start to plan. If more space is required you will have to upgrade to the next plane. And almost all companies is to upgrade the facilities. Unlimited space will not fall into the trap. It's a marketing tricks. any company can not be unlimited space. I think once you've seen the hard drive market is unlimited. Our PC as the server.

Each reader / visitors and number of visits to your website pages, as many pages, pictures, music, video, that is, those that are on the computer all readers to download. 1 GB bandwidth a site early enough. Do not take more than about personal site. And if your site lots of images, video, etc. then it may take a lot of bandwidth. 10-100 GB or more than.

Uptime / SLA guarantee
It is very important for a website uptime. Will be active as long as the host server, your website will remain active as long. It is not only important for the reader, but also a lot of search engine optimization is important. Once the reader comes to your website is your website is not found, then an adverse effect on his mind, and he may not in the future.  Search engine bots index is down just in time, he will be back and you will be deprived of your website being indexed.

Now, each hosting company guarantees 99.9% of the time to remain active. But it is not possible to estimate the actual uptime. So, before buying from companies that Google is thinking about buying the company's name affixed to the search term uptime. For example, if you search by typing hostgator up time you can learn about the uptime of And if the company can not maintain uptime guarantee provides credit for what he does not need to check. The company's Web site is written in detail about the terms of service link.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee is very important. 30-day money back guarantee is a lot of companies. Before buying, make sure the company is giving the money back guarantee.

The overall status of the organization
Before buying hosting , hosting companies try to know what is good or bad. Users about the company reviews the company's focus and you will know how it feels. For example, if you search Google by entering the hostgator review, hostgator can learn about the views of users. Companies that use billing software means that it is valid. Make sure that the software used or stolen. The script by using the stolen Services should not expect anything good from them.

Support is an important issue in today's world. And if you ever tell your server is down and it takes a few days to get the answers you may lose millions of visitors. And if you're a client, then the reseller will be greatly distressed. Your client will have to give an answer. Make sure that the company's support so much faster. Ask them how hosting companies guaranteed Support Response Time. And what is the support.

Hosting Features
Hosting planes if the limit, it is sometimes better not to mention. Therefore, in comparison with the demands of planes to see whether it matches. If you want to make ASP .NET website, you will need Windows Hosting. Linux hosting will not run. Features that you need, and make sure they are able to give.

Limitations Know
You can host your hosting what and how much space, bandwidth, CPU is able to use the terms of the Services page. So in terms of the services the company will take.

Control Panel
Control Panel to manage your web site needs. Control panel allows you to manage your web site easily. Web hosting is the easier and more feature-rich control panel C-panel. I always think to take the C-Panel hosting.

Server Load
Make sure that the server is over-loaded. Ask your hosting company's about the total core And server processor. If the core server, and the server load is above 8 am to 8 if the server is overloaded. And overloaded the sites hosted on the server site will take more time to load. I hope these issues with an eye to buy the domain and hosting can buy good quality hosting.